Click Click Hooray! Backupify Saves Your Deleted Gmail Messages!

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Click Click Hooray! Backupify Saves Your Deleted Gmail Messages

There are a few situations where you might feel like pulling out your hair or letting out a scream that can be heard around the world. Returning to your laptop only to find you left it unplugged and consequently (dun dun dun!) deleting the most important email of your life is one of those scenarios we are all too familiar with.

What if Google suddenly decided to suspend your services? If one day you log in and can no longer access any of your important information? If you haven’t taken the time to back up your email, calendar or contacts, you might feel a panic coming on. Luckily, there’s an easy way to restore accidentally deleted messages from Gmail, and other Google services, called Backupify. With this third-party app, you can rest assured that despite user error or corruption your emails will never be permanently deleted.

Retrieving Deleting Emails with Backupify

  1. Log in to your Backupify account.
  2. Click the “Add” link next to Gmail to add your Gmail account.
  3. Log in to your Gmail account, after you’ve added Gmail to your active services on Backupify. When you’ve added this service, there will be a link to Backupify from Gmail’s “more” menu. If you’ve already added your Gmail account to Backupify, you can skip these steps.
  4. Click the “Archive” tab in Backupify to view the backup of your Gmail messages.
  5. Choose the account from which you deleted the message.
  6. Scan the list for any messages you wish to restore.
  7. Click “Restore” to restore Gmail emails back into your Gmail account. When you log in, it will appear under the “Backupify” label in your Gmail inbox.


Helpful Hints

When using Backupify, you can view the message content or save it as a “.eml” file to your computer. This helps you determine which message is the one you’re looking for, if you have several similar messages.

You can also delete emails directly from your Google trash folder without installing any additional Google Apps. Simply log in to your account, click on the trash folder, select the email and choose to restore Gmail messages from the trash. (Backupify can help you to retrieve data from other Google Apps for business, including your Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Contacts.)

Backupify lists emails in reverse chronological order, so you’ll save time and effort by knowing when you received the deleted email.

Backupify initially takes 24 through 72 hours to create a backup of your data, so you should add your important accounts as soon as you register for the service. You may not be able to use the restore feature if you sign up for Backupify after you accidentally delete a message.

Whether you just want to save messages from your recent family vacation or your entire company relies on Google Apps for business purposes, it’s important that you can restore deleted emails, protect yourself from unauthorized access to your Google account and respond to other unexpected situations. Backupify isn’t the only tool that offers such protection but, whatever tool you choose, it’s better to do it now and be prepared for the unexpected.

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